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Green Race Pottinger 2017

First in male pair category. Streak of first place finishes continues. The result was surprising since I had thought some other runners had formed the fastest team. Haha. Praise God.
A leisure run with one of my training partners. Good to run with him and spur him on, literally, shouting at him and pushing him for the last kilometer. I was happy to see other runners, including my church brothers. The organizers are key for my joining: friendly, low key and innovative! Green race is a worthwhile community. God bless us.
I felt surprisingly good in this 15K race, given I took the week off and don't train on trails anymore. I went out hard on the nine kilometer flat, bounded hard down the steps, and took it relatively easy on two uphill with my partner. My goal had been to beat my church brother, and surpass another rival, which I had accomplished up to the first checkpoint at nine kilometers. I had quite a lot left in my tank on the final kilometer uphill. The relatively cool condi…
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For you, God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name. -- Psalm 61:5

After I had met YB at the retreat, and digested our encounter, I vowed to God that I would ask her out if I saw her again. God showed her to me again, fleetingly, on a subsequent Sunday at Starbucks and then by the sanctuary bathroom, and finally by the sanctuary altar area during my altar call! Then I see her sitting and chatting two days ago with a sister in another fleeting moment while I am off to another meeting on another floor. And like that, with no opportune moment -- or has every moment been opportune with faith!? -- God has a laugh with me.

After yesterday's third service -- at which service I had seen her last -- I spotted her again. She had stayed behind. I would not let this opportunity go, not least because I vowed to God! I was excited and nervous. My two dearest sisters were at the service and they were excited for me. I rinsed my mouth and grabbed my phone an…

Food Distribution X

Wow, God answered my prayer last year and it's hard to believe that my one year anniversary serving YWAM is coming soon. I wonder what will come first: my thesis submission; or this anniversary milestone!

A few milestones for the past two weeks. The ugly. My friend CY passed away, within a month of rapid health deterioration. After a month's absence,  I returned to see CY very frail, but walking with an indomitable spirit. The next week he was gone. He and I used to fake punch each other. He has gone to be with the Lord. His widow is alone.

Last Friday, I arrived early and experienced Sham Shing and my neighbors in the daylight. That was cool. I got to treat Peter to a coffee. Thank God!

Last Friday I received destructive comments for the first time at Sham Shing. From an acquaintance who shares with me the same mutual friend Peter. I knew something was wrong when he engaged me with a know-don't-know paradigm. He corrected me on the difference in Cantonese between a Christ…

Sense of Urgency

The good news is I taught my godson to say, "Jesus, save me!" when he feels scared. The not so good news is my suspicions about the marriage troubles of the parents are true; and my friend has a love problem, be it the guilt, shame or fear of being unlovable, so that he has become self-reliant, angry and violent to his family and children. Changing his heart to receive love is the work of God! For now, God has provided a path for salvation to the entire family through my godson, which i had not expected.

My godson without warning, as he alighted from the MTR, said, "I love you," and I told him the same. That was special. Praise God.
And the sense of urgency is back. The conviction of the Spirit is in me. By how the health of my Christian friend CY at Sham Shing suddenly deteriorated in a month's time, and then the following week he passed away, I know that what we don't know is when and how we will die. We know the only way to salvation is faith in Jesus&…

Spartan Race Hong Kong April 2017

I passed on the inaugural race because the genre seems too try-hard. This time, I wanted to try because my church brothers and sisters were organizing a team.
Working together as team, developing trust and perseverance and suffering together, all these make the race worthwhile in the open category only. I would not do this race alone, in another category, without my team. Our team worked together to lift, amongst other things, heavy metal balls by rolling them into our hands. We advised each other on climbing ropes. We helped each other over walls, across bars and rings, and to throw spears. In general, we spurred each other on towards love and good deeds, and mud.
Lots of opportunities to spur on strangers too. No one is a stranger when we share the same pain.
That said, there were a few moments when I broke away, alone, from my team, namely, the extended running bits, in the mud and on the flat. At last, an opportunity to run wild and fast! Had to get my heart rate up at some ti…

The Third, Great Expectation

Earlier this week, prior to the retreat, on my first trip to mainland China for the week, God was at work.
I was sitting on the bus to the ferry terminal. I was sitting beside my colleague, with whom I occasionally talk, strictly professional.
I asked her how to say special educational needs (SEN) in Cantonese and she struggled to provide a proper answer. At the same time, she asked me why I wanted to say this and I replied, “because I’m SEN!”
She said I wasn’t SEN. Without warning, she said I had high criteria for myself. 
There we go again. Buckle up. Third time in 48 hours.
Her meaning was clearly positive as she added that I was serious about my work — suggesting others are not so serious and that seriousness, as I’ve confirmed from other students and colleagues in this school, is credibility. Furthermore, I asked her to clarify that phrase in Cantonese and she did, and that phrase in Cantonese is the same one that my man spoke to me yesterday, and the translation is:
High expect…

2017 Morning Retreat Thoughts and Trance

Do you think the gates of heaven are like that threshold? Balloons and streamers? Do the angels stand guard, dressed as clowns? Can you imagine 20-foot tall angels with face paint, dressed in polkadots? God has a sense of humor. He can do this!
And I saw heaven's gates as long as the eye could see. Bright. Big. What a border wall! People outside the gates as far the eye can see. Milling around. The gates open suddenly. Suddenly the angels as clowns go into the crowd to grab people to bring them in. 
Could heaven be like the border between the mainland and Hong Kong. Such massive crowds surging forward, from wide gates to very narrow gates. Each person judged in a booth with a fingerprint. The un-saved escorted out of the gates at that point. 

In hell, Jesus did not need a human form. He was probably blindingly bright, with a cool sword. If He wanted to, He could shoot fireballs. He easily kicked ass. Power level 3000!