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Single Retreat Notes

The Spirit brings me back to the dispute about laying of hands at Cambridge, and how Jesus was there through it all, loving us and meeting us. How compassionate and considerate our Lord is when He heals not only the ill, but teaches people with opposing views. My dispute was not about praying for the afflicted, but experiencing compassion for my opposition brother.

Another view on my relationship with my senior pastor is that nothing is wrong. We have nothing to talk about: in other words, I talk to other people for counsel and their views. In addition, what I see is what I get with my pastor. Therefore, neither fear nor envy, but practical matters may govern our relationship.

My fist and open hand stance signify the receiving and intentionality in my relationship with Christ. The starting line pose, relaxed yet focused for eternity.

God has a great sense of humor. My pastor suggested an issue with public nudity, which reminds me of my near nakedness when running, and the recent sugge…
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House Church Meeting

The Lord is holy. His kingdom come and His will be done, in house church as it is in heaven. And our God meets all our needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.

House church had become the most stressful part of my life, my Wednesday and my week because many other things in my life are filled with nice, delicious, daily bread. It's been harder for me to appreciate my daily bread at house church, so free flowing, social, time and structurally insensitive we have become.

And I could appreciate yesterday that this may suit some people and relax them, in the same way that any greater sense of time sensitivity and structural sensitivity may stress them out. And by God's grace, I also heard a more complete minutes of the fateful meeting between the senior pastor and our house church several months ago, at which the group discussed the possibility of this unsustainable, no leadership, wheels-come-off, extremely flexible house church organization: a vision and its po…

House Church Thanksgiving 2017

The days leading up to house church thanksgiving were typically stressful. Women texting a lot. Lots of reactive help from the women, especially from two, and particularly from one, who stepped down as leader but hasn’t really stepped down — the contradiction is how her professional work overwhelms her yet she insists on taking on the brunt of the house church administrative work, which leads to more negative consequences such as when she volunteers herself to lead sermon discussion but realizes she will be at least an hour late — I realize now what the adjective bossy means. What we have is a lot of uncoordinated, reactive, sometimes contradictory activity — who needs to pick up food; can you pick up food; do we even need to pick up food when the restaurant delivers — but activity, at least from the women. The men have become pacified and dependent in the same way that Africa is pacified and dependent on foreign aid. Not very good for character development individually and for the h…

Oxfam Trailwalker HK 2017

A week has passed since Trailwalker. That it’s taken so long to write a report suggests that I am busy and that the event was uneventful.

By the grace of God, our team completed the event, in 20 hours, 42 minutes. Our completion is an improvement from our abandonment at 80K, CP8 last year.

We didn’t hit our sub-18 target but I realize my leader’s goal is but a moonshot: he may purposefully set an impossible goal so we try as hard as possible; I am not convinced that he could do it, even if we didn’t rest so much (save 1 hour) and if the weather were cooler (save 1 hour).

We also improved insofar as we dropped only one member, and he dropped sooner, at CP4, than our two dropped members last year. Our dropped member is the husband of the fastest female trail runner in Hong Kong — her team finished several hours ahead of us. He helped us out by joining the team on short notice, and he gave his all for 40K. God bless him.

My other teammate had a huge breakthrough too as his nerves on…

Kaohsiung Taiwan Veterans Meet 2017 10K

Sunny. Not as hot as last year in Taiwan, but still feels hot. How quickly I had become accustomed to Hong Kong’s unusually cool weather these days!
18:19 for 5.33K on my watch. Slower than last year, which leaves me disappointed to an extent. I understand that I’m not as fit as I was last year and training to break my 5K record will be my priority from now until it is broken!
I realize I conflate being hard on myself with sulking; this is a necessary mechanism for me to perform. Feel bad and paralyzed and then get on with it! The Lord loves me deeply and truly.
Second place in category. Automatic splits of 3:19, 3:24, 3:29, 3:31, 3:31, 1:03. First place in category finished in 17:55. My fellow HK runner broke an age category record. God bless Him!
During the race I tried to go slow and speed up. Well, easier said than done. My first lap was 80 and by far the fastest! I grabbed a cup of water during the race and also a sponge. The sponges over the head are the best in these weath…

Any Woman Will Do

Last night I attended another singles event organized by AT. I realize I have an ambiguous fixation with knowing about her — and like at our last event, I didn’t get to talk to her to know her; maybe we are loving the people around us. How can I know her and not just about her through other people? Is she my wife? Is she my Moby Dick-level muse? Is she both wife and muse? Do I respect and admire her?

Well, I did sit next to an attractive woman and we connected enough to have minor skinship, our elbows clearly touching on the dining table as we engaged each other verbally. Very risky, not Chinese behavior.

OC is a seeker, and I realize I attract seekers online. Her beliefs are unsteady, individualistic and esoteric. She runs and listens and seems interested. These are good traits. I respect and admire her. However, the most important box she does not tick: her faith isn’t on firm foundation of Jesus Christ!

Today was nice because I couldn’t care less about meeting real women. I was tir…

Men's Retreat Notes

What is it like to know the Scriptures and the power of God, at house church, at night, when seated, in work meetings and at work outs?

Lord, thank you for showing us your glory and power on Monday at boot camp. We pray that you would also show yourself mighty at house church tonight in Jesus' name. We want to experience your power!

God's power is His ability to accomplish anything He purposes; but God cannot do everything, such as any evil thing or contradictory thing.

Power is a revelation, an unveiling of God. You cannot perform the power of God. Just think about trying to memorize scripture, in vain, without the power of God.

God is powerful regardless of my emotional content, any quality or quantity. I know God's power because I have prayed without my feelings. I must remember to meet Father, Son and Spirit in my secret place in prayer. In public, I should be vocal and acknowledge the power of God.

I am cautious about the implied, reductionist correlation betw…