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Olympic Day Run 5K 2018

18:51 for 5.18K on my watch. Praise God! I am satisfied with the result given the hot, sunny weather, my jet lag and fours of sleep, my heavy mileage this week and the flat course. I am in fine shape and basically replicated my 5K speed from last Monday’s 5K — my avg. heart rate was 155 with max 202, pouring on power for the last kilometer.
Third overall. Thank God for fast, strong guys at this race. Specifically two HK cops. No real contenders for third besides me: a club runner came up around 1K, elbowed me, and said sorry; I assured him that if he wanted to fight, we would fight! He hung on with our lead pack until the 3K mark and finished a distant fourth — I checked behind me. High fives to him and the podium finishers. As this was a fun run, I don’t expect prizes and there was no indication of podium awards. Didn’t hang around for lucky draw.
Splits: 3:38; 3:38; 3:35; 3:40; 3:40; 37s. I am very satisfied for the even pacing and thankful for the steady running from Hong Kong’s…
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39th Investors' Bank Millburn 5K 2018

18:08 official; 5.05k on my watch; 3:25; 3:33; 3:35; 3:45; 3:40 splits. 17th out of 643 people. Last race in the Takumi Sen 1. Thank God.

The result is fine given the conditions. I had run a 10K hard plus four extra miles two days earlier. Today was the hottest day of the year thus far. Humid and unusually polluted conditions. Arrived at 19:00 for an unusual 20:00 start.

I note my inconsistent splits and attribute that to my unfocused physical training and my mind during the race, although I've been trying to concentrate more on my form and the people ahead of me during the race, particularly staying with people who try to pass me. The course might have caused some disruptions: surprisingly undulating!

The surprise of the evening was the thunder storm, which some people predicted whilst lining up -- my eye for storms is not as trained as the locals' eyes; and apparently it rained last year too. The rain came down on my final lap, harder and harder, and then the lightning and t…

NYRR Queens 10K

37:04 for 10.07k on my watch. Splits: 3:39; 3:35; 3:29; 3:40; 3:39; 3:39; 3:49; 3:45; 3:52; 3:30.

37:02 official. 119 of 11,439, barely missing my goal of top 1%. Curiously, the man who tied me for time at this race is the same man who tied me for time two weeks ago at Central Park! Wow.
I am satisfied with the result given the hot race day conditions, six hours of sleep with heavy eating and drinking last night, and a 50k running week.
Some serious runners out today. I was happy to see a lot of fast dudes. Sweet. Some nervous dudes who felt entitled and arrogant enough to say aloud slow people (37-minute 10K people) shouldn’t be near the front. Sour. I laughed and was angry because we were already at the front of the fastest A-pen, these dudes were late, and my view on queues is very Hong Kong: first come; first serve! Dudes shouldn’t be late to queue. 
23:45 bedtime for 05:45 wakeup and 06:30 meeting time at my brother’s apartment. Arrival around 07:00 for early 07:45 start — my …

Honoring Parents and Family

First, today was stressful because I had overloaded my schedule with time, travel and social demands, not least to work on my thesis — the greatest source of stress and anxiety — to meet one high school friend, to meet my father in the hospital, to meet my brother and other high school friends for a dinner, and to stay over with my high school friend to run a 10K race early the following morning. Yikes. A crushing, fruitful 24 hours in contrast to a leisurely, fruitful past 48 hours.
The stress specifically comes from negotiating times, places and people with other people who think and communicate in a different way from how I think and communicate. In particular, when I am stressed out, I need clarity, conciseness and decisiveness in communication but some family and old friends do not operate in such a way. Such is family, and being friends with people who are milestones of precious developmental trajectories. You know I have struggled with different high school friends in differe…

Family Thoughts

I've been very sensitive to confirm everything I hear from different family members, in terms of my understanding and their consistency and agreement between members, since my father's hospitalization and an unrelated bed bug issue have shown me that my family isn't on the same page and can say contradictory things.

What I realize in the micro-interactions between my mother and me is that no one in my family knows how to argue in terms of explicit agreeing and disagreeing, and reasonably explaining why. This makes sense to me not only through the eye test but also in reason: after all, in Hong Kong we don't learn how to argue -- and we also don't know how to discuss to build knowledge -- so where would any family member learn this discourse type? Small wonder it seems like some family members aren't listening and don't seem to be reacting to my points, because they might not possess the knowledge and skills on how to argue, and also may lack the inner defin…

My Father's Testimony

June 3, 2018
Hello friends, can you please pray with me for my father? He was transferred to the intensive care unit last night, is intubated now and just had surgery. He is at his lowest point in his life, and has lost so much blood through a bleeding ulcer at his esophagus-stomach area. The doctors have cauterized that ulcer and let’s pray it does not bleed again, and that the other stomach ulcers he has will not bleed. He needs to replenish his blood but also requires kidney dialysis. From outside the room, it sounds like my dad is fighting his intubation so let us pray for his spiritual peace too. Besides the bleeding ulcer, my dad is fighting numerous stomach ulcers, a penis infection, shingles, kidney failure and diabetes. Thank you and God bless you.

As for me, I feel helpless, sad and angry. I know he has been eating himself to death as his poor diet and overeating are responsible in a significant way for his diabetes, colorectal cancer, subsequent kidney failure, and now the…


A warning and encouragement from the spirit: inside what appears to be in my room; at the same time my living room in my old home: at eye level either when standing or when kneeling, hey window stretching from one end of the room to the other about the width of a slat so that through this slat-sized window I can peer outside to what appears to be my front yard ground level, or overlooking my driveway and backyard.

This is a frontier. I am safe inside, and find things in my room and my bed ar one end of the window, and slowly spreading to the other corner. There are other people, maybe siblings in the room with me.

The enemy is outside. Lurking and prowling. There are people who have been gnashing their teeth outside, also approaching the window. Maybe clawing at window. I hear them and feel safe and secure inside. I wonder for a moment if anyone will try and find a backway into the home, through a garage and basement to arrive inside. I shrug it off. Thank God.